March 14, 2017

With respect and love  we the organizations  Bangladesh group for study of songun politics  and International central committee for songun study and  our newspaper THE DAILY FOLK SONGUN  INTERNATIONALE  very strongly convey our heartiest salutes and gratitude on the occasion great birthday of generalissimo Kim Jo ng Il . Cause of his excellency innovated the creative and excellent songun politics  that brilliantly exercise in Korea. Now Korea is independent and power full thriving nation. All imperialist forces   fear  the glory of songun politics. Every day and moment  the imperialist axis  made propaganda and military hypocrisy but the great songun initiated by brilliant lead r Kim Jong Il. It  is reality  songun is great and Kim Jonj Il is great. We the peoples of Bangladesh and world give high   prize of it because it’s the saver of a country like DPRK. We are all committed to support the songun korea for ever and committed to fight against imperialism.

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